Daily Archives: November 15, 2023

Zom Dairy Products Factory Opening

Accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, Begard Talabani, as well as other government ministers and local officials, Prime Minister Barzani inaugurated the Zom Factory for dairy products, boasting a daily production capacity of 20 tons. Situated in Zhazhok village in the northern Erbil region, within Mergasor, the factory serves as a vital support system for over 2,000…

Barzani National Memorial Museum Opening

The Barzani National Memorial, a symbol of Kurdish heritage and resilience, stands as a testament to the rich history of the Kurdish people. In 2023, Babylon Multimedia Services orchestrated a grand opening ceremony for this historical monument, meticulously organizing an event that attracted prominent leaders and dignitaries. Among the distinguished attendees were Masoud Barzani, a revered Kurdish statesman, and a…

Baghdad Festivals

Impact of the Festival: This festival, by bringing together prominent artists from across the Arab world, would not only be a significant event for Baghdad but also for the cultural landscape of the Middle East. It symbolizes a move towards normalcy and cultural rejuvenation in a city with a rich historical and cultural heritage.