It is a part of filmmaking and the video production process. It occurs in the making of motion pictures, television programs, radio programs, advertising, audio recordings, photography, and digital art. It is a term for all stages of production occurring after the actual end of shooting and/or recording the completed work. Post-production is, in fact, many different processes grouped under one name. These typically include:

  • Video editing (EDL)
  • Writing, (re)recording, and editing the soundtrack.
  • Adding visual special effects – mainly computer-generated imagery (CGI)
  • Sound design, Sound effects, ADR, Foley and Music
  • Transfer of Color motion picture film to Video or DPX with a color grading (correction) in a color suite.



Web design & Development :


    1. Website design
    2. E-learning Solutions
    3. Website usability testing
    4. Performance testing
    5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    6. Content Management
    7. Content Organization
    8. Usability Design
    9. Usability Analysis
    10. Performance Optimization
  • Color Correction by using color gels, or filters, is a process used in stage lighting, photography, television, cinematography and other disciplines


  • 2D & 3D Animation Computer animation (or CGI animation) is the art of creating moving images with the use of computers It is a subfield of computer graphics and animation.


  • Dubbing It is the post-production process of recording and replacing voices on a motion picture or television soundtrack subsequent to the original shooting.


  • Graphic It is a creative process


  • Editing Complete work the editing process often begins with the author’s idea for the work itself.