The largest green room in the Kurdistan region was built in 2014 in Babylons headquarters. Companies of any size can now record cutting edge videos with the latest lighting technology for advertisements, music videos, TV shows, documentaries, and much more.


  • Equipped Studios


We have five large studios 800sqm/each, fully equipped with the latest technology of decoration, lighting, sound, and video. The studios can be partitioned from 20sqm up to 800sqm depending on the requested order.


Graphic Designers Involvements and achievements:


  • Bill Boards Design.
  • Booths and Stickers designs.
  • Creative / Media Production/ Marketing planning and storyboards.
  • Editor and Graphic Designer.
  • Freelance graphic designer. Creative thinking, ideation, conceptualization, branding, lay outing.
  • Songs recordings, VO TV commercials.
  • Concerts and events sound systems supplying.
  • Freelancer for advertising agencies and international TV channels (DubaiTV), CNN, Sama Dubai.
  • TV Promos 3D design.
  • Programs monitor and Montage.

Cameramen and TV Programs Executives Professional Skills:


  • Studio Cameramen-assistants for promotions, programs.
  • Outdoor Cameramen-assistants.
  • XD CAM series, Camera Crane Operator
  • Camera Track and Dolly Operators
  • Si2K Camera
  • Studio DXC-D55/D50
  • Broadcasting supplying and accurate selection of effective equipment.
  • Configuration Section Director-Promo Managers.
  • International and local programs directors and creative
  • sound technician and Instrument Maintenance Technician


Qualified Technical Crews


We have qualified crews with different fields of specialization:

  1. Shooting (Filming)
  2. Lighting
  3. Sound
  4. Editing
  5. Engineering
  6. Producing
  7. Communication (Media Transmission)
  8. Technical and projects Assistance
  9. Logistics