At Babylon Media, we possess the expertise and resources to create high-quality TV programs from concept to broadcast. Our team of experienced professionals includes producers, directors, writers, editors, and other industry experts who are dedicated to delivering outstanding results. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and goals, and then develop creative and innovative ideas that resonate with their target audience. As part of our full management services, we handle everything from pre-production to post-production, including casting, location scouting, scriptwriting, filming, editing, and distribution.

Our established relationships with major TV channels such as UTV and NetTV enable us to facilitate the broadcast of our clients’ programs on a national and international level. We are committed to delivering top-quality TV programs that entertain, inform, and engage audiences, and we take pride in our ability to consistently exceed expectations.

Programs We Have Produced

Babylon Media has a rich portfolio of successful TV programs that we have produced for various channels. Some of our notable productions include:

  • Bassamat: A heartwarming show that explores the cultural and social fabric of our society through personal stories and interviews.
  • Mashroaa Chef: A competitive cooking show where aspiring chefs showcase their culinary skills and compete for the title of best chef.
  • Rayan Mix: A lively music and entertainment show featuring popular artists, interviews, and music videos.
  • Shadat Khasa: An investigative program that delves into critical social and political issues, providing in-depth analysis and reporting.
  • 4 by 4: A dynamic lifestyle show covering topics from fashion to technology, aimed at a young, vibrant audience.
  • Mahalatna: A documentary series highlighting the stories of local businesses and entrepreneurs, showcasing their journeys and successes.
  • Sabah Babile: A morning show that provides viewers with news, entertainment, and lifestyle tips to start their day right.
  • Babil Chat: A talk show featuring engaging discussions with celebrities, experts, and everyday people on current events and trending topics.
  • Bene o Benak: A relationship advice show that offers guidance and insights into personal and familial relationships.
  • Tabeekh Time: A culinary show that brings delicious recipes and cooking tips from professional chefs to the home kitchen.
  • Shoof Magazine: A magazine-style program that covers the latest in entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle trends.
  • On Hawa: A live show that interacts with the audience through social media and phone-ins, discussing a variety of topics in real-time.

Television Commercials and Brand Collaborations

In addition to our TV programs, Babylon Media has produced television commercials (TVCs) for some of the biggest brands in the Middle East. Our high-quality commercials are crafted to captivate audiences and effectively communicate the brand’s message.

State-of-the-Art Production Facilities

Our production capabilities are supported by four large studios and a dedicated production house for decoration and set design. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest production standards. Our facilities and technical expertise allow us to handle complex production requirements, delivering exceptional visual and audio quality.


At Babylon Media, our comprehensive approach to TV program production, from concept to broadcast, ensures that we meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. With our talented team, advanced facilities, and strong industry connections, we produce compelling and engaging content for TV channels such as UTV and NetTV. Our commitment to quality and innovation drives us to create programs that entertain, inform, and resonate with audiences across the globe.