Bastille Day (French National Day) General Consulate of France

Bastille Day, national holiday in France and its overseas departments and territories, marking the anniversary of the fall on July 14, 1789, of the Bastille, in Paris. Originally built as a medieval fortress, the Bastille eventually came to be used as a state prison. Political prisoners were often held there, as were citizens detained by the authorities for trial. Some prisoners were held on the direct order of the king, from which there was no appeal. Although by the late 18th century it was little used and was scheduled to be demolished, the Bastille had come to symbolize the harsh rule of the Bourbon monarchy. French Consul General Olivier Decottignies in his speech underlined the good relations between the Kurdistan Regional Government and France, and added that France had carried out projects in all fields in the Kurdistan Region, including culture, industry, agriculture, education, archeology and security, from Duhok to Halabja, from Chamchamal to Amedi. This annual event is trusted to be held and organized by Babylon Multimedia that never disappoints to manage, design and organize this event via our professional team.

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