Money, Investment and Women International Conference

Erbil’s first international conference on “Money, Investment, and Women” commenced on September 11th at Rotana Hotel Erbil to spotlight domestic and foreign investment opportunities led by women in Iraq and the Kurdistan region. The event emphasizes the development and promotion of the business ecosystem through the empowerment of women, the conference was attended by a slew of government figures, in addition to foreign and local investors. The conference, scheduled to span across three days in the city of Erbil, stands as a platform to foster dialogues on the synergies between financial inclusivity and women’s empowerment in business, opening avenues for potential international collaborations and investment opportunities in Iraq. Babylon Multimedia participated in organizing and coordinating the conference through our media services and media coverage of the conference. Our team at Babylon ensured smooth operation of the LED screens and sound systems alongside the general structure of seating and panel organization, the success of the conference was added to the list of successful conferences Babylon has organized.

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