The Return Festival

Babylon Media organized every aspect of the Return Festival, a landmark event known for being a Babylon project. The festival, the first gathering of its kind, took place at Babylon Studios in Ankawa. It celebrated the beginning of the return of Christians to their lands and homes, marking a significant moment of renewed hope and joy.

Students and faculty from the Catholic University in Erbil proudly participated and volunteered at every level, contributing to the festival’s success. The event was filled with sounds of laughter and joy, replacing heartbreak and tears with acts of praise, worship, and gratitude. Participants engaged in various activities, including assembling media messages from well-wishers around the world, serving delicious local food, and fostering a spirit of friendship and community.

Babylon Media’s comprehensive organization ensured that the Return Festival was a memorable and impactful celebration, highlighting the resilience and hope of the Christian community returning to their homes.

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