Zom Dairy Products Factory Opening

Accompanied by the Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, Begard Talabani, as well as other government ministers and local officials, Prime Minister Barzani inaugurated the Zom Factory for dairy products, boasting a daily production capacity of 20 tons. Situated in Zhazhok village in the northern Erbil region, within Mergasor, the factory serves as a vital support system for over 2,000 families, primarily comprised of cattle raisers and farmers.

In full protective gear, Prime Minister Barzani, along with officials, conducted a thorough tour of the factory, closely overseeing the production lines. Emphasizing the project’s significance, he labeled it as “crucial and strategic” for the Kurdistan Region, foreseeing its potential to fortify the local economy and deter the migration of rural residents to urban centers.

Babylon Multimedia Services played a pivotal role in this historic occasion, orchestrating the opening ceremony and providing essential services such as print media products, stage and podium setup, red carpets, and overall management and organization of the event. The seamless integration of these elements ensured a visually striking and well-coordinated inauguration, capturing the essence of the moment. The factory receives raw milk from cattle raisers through 20 collection centers, subsequently utilizing it to produce a variety of milk-based products such as cream, butter, as well as organic and milk powders. Prime Minister Barzani underscored his government’s commitment to advancing the agricultural sector and addressing the challenges posed by climate change, including issues like drought and water scarcity

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