Commemorative ceremony of the late Peshraw Dizayee

Babylon Media organized the commemorative ceremony for Peshraw Dizayee and his 11-month-old daughter, Zhina, held on Saturday in Erbil. The event took place at Saad Abdullah Hall and featured a poignant photo gallery dedicated to Peshraw Dizayee’s life.

The ceremony was attended by delegates from various political parties, high-ranking officials, and the immediate and extended family of Mr. Peshraw Dizayee. The photo gallery displayed images of Mr. Peshraw Dizayee and his daughter, along with scenes from their residence, offering a touching tribute to their memory. Babylon Media’s careful planning and execution ensured the event was conducted with the utmost respect and solemnity, honoring the lives of Peshraw and Zhina Dizayee.

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