Prince Tahseen Bey’s body receiving Erbil International Airport

Babylon Media organized the ceremony for receiving the body of Prince Tahseen Bey, the Emir of the Yazidis in Iraq and the world, at Erbil International Airport. Special ceremonies took place with the arrival of the plane carrying Prince Tahseen Bey’s body, fulfilling his wish to be buried in the princely palace at the Lalish Temple. The burial took place the same day, followed by a funeral held at Khair Bey Hall in the Isfini area, which will continue for seven days. Prince Tahseen Saeed Ali Bey, the revered leader of the Yazidi religion in Iraq and the world, passed away at the age of 86 in a German hospital on January 28, after a prolonged illness. Babylon Media meticulously managed all aspects of the ceremony, ensuring a dignified and respectful tribute to the esteemed Emir.

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